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  • We're disrupting
    and building
    a new paradigm
    for VC market

    So that the best breakthrough ideas and technologies emerge faster and drive technological progress and humanity towards a better future

  • Problems
    we address
    • Searching for suitable investors and filling out briefs to venture capital funds take up to 10 hours per each
    • The startup can't get feedback on what to improve in its pitch deck, vision, or business model
    • Funds and investors take months to respond or don't respond to messages at all
    • The startup teams lack expertise on specific domains: legal, development, tokenomics, and more
    • Not clear where to look for smartmoney and other investors, outreaches on Linkedin or email don't work
    • Hundreds of pitchdecks per month are coming in, most of which are irrelevant and a lot of resource is consumed in processing them
    • There are lots of scam projects around and you have to spend a lot of time researching applications, gathering information from different sources
    • There is no clear and safe infrastructure for the secondary allocations market
    • Lack of targeted and solvent leads for services

What's inside the app?

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    Smart matching
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    Matching engine picks most relevant suggestions
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    OTC secondary market for early-stage equities
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    Personalized scoring model based on investment profile and portfolio structure

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    Roadmap 2024

    • Result
    • Time
    Third quarter of 2023
    • Ideation
    • Team building
    • Custdev research
    • Prototype launch
    • Setting up Unimatch AI LTD, UK
    • Raised $75,000 in Pre-seed
    • First users - 192
    Fourth quarter of 2023
    • MVP release (mobile application)
    • Tier1 media publications
    • 5,000 users
    • Partnership program with accelerators
    • Pre-seed closure $300,000
    First half of 2024
    • Full-feature application v1 release: mobile+web applications
    • Monetization launch
    • Token launch
    • Intensive online marketing, referral program, content marketing
    • 20,000 users
    • Fundraise Seed Round
    Second half of 2024
    • Application v2 release: deep ML/AI integration, Big data analytical reporting tool
    • Break-even point
    • Alternative monetization hypotheses tests
    • New regions scale-up
    • 100,000 users
    • Fundraise Series A round
    • Micro IPO MENA region

    C-level Team



    Nick Bereza

    • Built 13 companies, 3 of which are successfully developing
    • 1000+ startups scored as investor in 2022
    • Raised $8.3 mln of investments
    • Developed a startup scoring system of 220 parameters


    Anna Kurdo

    • 10+ years of experience in building, managing teams and developing business processes.
    • 8+ years of experience in PR and marketing
    • Developed a personal productivity startup with 500,000+ users

    Product Management

    Max Bozhko

    • 12+ years in IT management as Project and Product manager in international corporations and startups
    • Founder of 2 startups in crypto space
    • 9+ years in crypto projects

    CTO & AI/ML Architecture

    Alex Lazerka

    • 10+ years in Software Development, 5+ years as CTO.
    • Independent Advisor and Consultant
    • Co-Founder of International Software Development Company
    • Participated in the launch of 5+ startups in the Blockchain and AI sphere

    Tech Lead & Senior Full-stack Engineer

    Alex Popov

    • Tech Lead & Senior Full-stack Engineer with 20+ years diving into Blockchain, Python, and NodeJS
    • Master Degree in Computer Science from St.Petersburg State University

    Tech Lead & Senior Frontend Engineer

    Vladislav Korzo

    • Tech Lead & Senior Full-stack Engineer with 13+ years
    • Independent Advisor and Consultant
    • Co-Founder of International Startup
    • Participated in the successfull launch of 3+ startups

    UX/UI Lead

    Julia Levina

    • 9+ years of experience in UX/UI design. 4+ years in fintech (banking, blockchain), 2 years in dating area.
    • Bachelor of graphic design in advertisment and business area - Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

    Corporate Counsel

    Lana Dowling

    • 20+ years as corporate lawyer. Tech lawyer, specialising in start-up business, IP and SaaS contracts, Data Privacy specialist and GDPR practitioner.
    • CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager) / IAPP
    • BPP Law School, LPC, London, UK
    • Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK
    • Batchelor International Law MIGIMO, Moscow
    • Batchelor English Language & Literature, French, Yakutsk State University